A hearty hello to the world

I can’t even remember how long a blog has been on my mind. Writing has always been a passion, from poems over short stories to that one novel that always keeps appearing in the back of my mind but hasn’t been written yet. An online outlet for all that writing energy seems like exactly the right thing for me.

Me, that means:
Mother to wonderful L. (aka smiley), the cutest girl ever born (aren’t they all?) who is currently a very chunky 3-month-old
Partner to S., who “still” hasn’t popped the question, but knows he will get a yes should he ever decide to 😉
Food-and-Cuddle-Supplier to our two lovely dogs, Fatpants (he’s 7 and completely deserves the name) and our newest addition, a little puppy who joined us two weeks ago and has yet to get a nickname.
Amateur Crafter, usually found knitting, crocheting or having ideas how to justify buying a sewing machine at a time when I didn’t really have the money to spend.
Chef for the household, still a new experience and I love discovering new recipes and foods (even though other members of the household aren’t by far as adventurous as I am, isn’t that right S.??)

That’s my life, and that is what I will write about. Should that sound like something you are interested in, feel free stay and have a read around.

Until next time,


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