The madness that is life with a 4-month-old

I started this blog with such good intentions. And it all worked rather well, until the day that the growth spurt started.

Growth spurt is a term that most parents dread. Our little chubbycheeks (new nickname) fed nearly hourly for a week and a half. So far nights are still ok, maybe waking a bit more than before, but not the end of the world. But still, hourly feeds during the day meant that I had no time to do anything, let alone to sit on my computer and write blog entries.

In the evenings I wasn’t really motivated (I know, I should be ashamed) because S. has just started a new job with 12 hour shifts. 😦 So once chubbycheeks is in bed, all I want is to sit down on the couch for some adult conversation. Has anybody noticed how crazy you become if you talk nothing but babytalk for a day?

Anyhow, you are all updated on what is going on, and I promise I will get better again 🙂

Until next time,



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