2014 – A Year of Challenges

As everybody, I have made New Years resolutions. In the past, some were kept, but the majority fell by the wayside. It probably mostly was a lack of accountability that held me back. I mean, if you don’t tell anybody else about your resolutions, there is no shame in not following through. The more people you inform, the harder, it seems to me anyway, it will be to tell these people that you didn’t manage to stick with your resolutions after all.

This year my resolution is going to take up the entire year 2014. I am going to complete 15 30-Day Challenges during the course of the year. The challenges will represent different sides of my personality, so for example not all challenges will be physical, but I am certainly going to try to actually challenge myself. Otherwise, I might as well not start at all. Obviously, since the year only has 365 days, the challenges will overlap timewise.

Just browsing online, I can see that not all challenges are exactly 30 days. Already my very first challenge, which I started today, is only 21 days. To make sure that I still get in my 30 days per challenge, I am simply going to repeat my favourite of the daily challenges once I am finished with the 21 days.

To get me off to a good start with my goal, this is my very first challenge:

  1. The 21-Day Yoga Challenge from Yoga Journal (stretched to 30 days) ( you can find it here http://www.yogajournal.com/21daychallenge/)
    Since I have no experience at all with Yoga, I have chosen the Beginners Challenge. If I manage to keep up the Yoga after the challenge is over, I might re-visit the Intermediate challenge later in the year.

The first day of this challenge went very well, when I finished I was in the mood for more. I know not every day will be like that, but I will try my best to hold on to that amazing feeling I had.

I am going to do more research, and will add to the list of upcoming challenges. If there is somebody reading this, and they might have any suggestions for me, please let me know.


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