Seven Days have been accomplished. Seven times have I consciously made the effort to put aside time for my little challenges every day.

The time I spend on my Yoga varies from day to day, with 12 minutes the shortest and 35 minutes the longest so far. Some days leave me wanting more, like yesterday, when it was all about opening the shoulders and at the end I was left thinking “It’s over already?”. And then there is days that leave me with muscle pain (the good kind, where you know you’ve done well) for the next two days.

But that is the balance of things that I know is natural and healthy. I will completely stick to the challenges as they are. I don’t want to risk putting in too much of myself at the start, and then losing interest and this becoming just one more thing I didn’t finish. My friend is giving me great support, without even knowing what she is doing. She is training to run a marathon and every time she talks about it, I can feel the commitment and the dedication. I want to find something, I am that enthusiastic about, and maybe one of my fifteen challenges is going to be something I want to keep up and be passionate about.

I am also working on finding further challenges to keep me going throughout the year. And here also I need to be able to pace myself. I am finding so many interesting ideas, and I want to start them all right now. If only I had no need for sleep and could spend all those hours on “improving” myself. I am going to keep with my challenge for at least the next 2 weeks, and then I might re-consider adding another one. It is quite clear though, whatever the next challenge is, it will not be a physical one. No need to worry though, I have plenty of good ideas already, that I can’t wait to share.


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