Time for a Second Challenge – Zero To Hero

So far I have accomplished 25 days of Challenge 1. I had a little setback, as my right foot, for some reason has decided to become quite painful. It seems to only hit me when I twist it in a certain way and I have absolutely no idea, where it came from. I went to bed one evening last week, and during the night I woke up twice, because my ankle was painful. Maybe I was kicking the bed or something in my sleep (wouldn’t be the first time).


Now onto Challenge 2! I know I am a bit late joining the club, but I have decided to participate in the WordPress Zero to Hero Blog Challenge. It started officially on January 1st, but as I said before, I wanted to pace myself and not start everything at the same time. The first day of this challenge is writing about myself and why I opened a blog.


Well, I am a twenty-something mom of 1 (plus 2 dogs) who lives in the West of Ireland with my fiancé. I work fulltime at an international company, and am lucky enough to have quite an early shift, which leaves me plenty of time to spend with my family in the afternoon.

My passions are crafting (mainly knitting and sewing), reading/writing, cooking and the outdoors. This blog is my outlet for these areas of interest and I plan to write about each of those areas.

This year, I have started a project, to do 15 30-day challenges within the coming 12 months. Most of the challenges are decided on by now, and they will be from all the different areas I already talked about, as well as some physical ones. My fitness is an area in my life that I would very much like to improve on. I think a Blog is a great way of being accountable to the challenges I have started, to make sure that in the end I don’t chicken out (as has happened plenty times before).

I am hoping to connect with other mom crafters through this blog, because I don’t really know many in real life. There was a time when I went to the local toddler group, to meet more mums, but when I started working, I unfortunately had to stop that.

I’m looking forward to continue on with this challenge and improving my blog as I go along.


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