What’s on my Mind – Zero To Hero Day 3

Today’s Challange is all about, what was on my mind when I decided to start my blog.


I am not sure, I still remember the specific idea I had in mind when I actually opened the blog nearly a year ago, but I remember that I wanted to write and I wanted somebody to read it. Already when I was in primary school, I can remember loving to write stories. But even then, I think my favorite part was getting to read the story out loud to the class.


When I decided to re-animate my blog after a year of downtime, the idea behind it was to change myself and to write about it in the process. I don’t think I am the kind of person that I could be, or that I even want to be. So this year I am taking babysteps into the right direction to become who I want to be.

Previously I have not had the chance, to truly transform myself, because only now I am in a situation, where I am truly and completely happy. I like my job (even with moments like today, which got my adrenaline racing for what felt like hours), I love my family and home.


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