Our Best Friends

Today it’s all about our awesome dogs. Two very unique characters and life would be way too boring for my taste without them. Now let me introduce you to them:



This is Fatpants after one of his summer shaves. What a beautiful dog!

It’s not his actual name (we’re not that cruel), but it is most definitely his nickname. He has had that name for years, longer than I have known him. When I started going out with DF, I also met Fatpants, and I am sure if at any stage in that process he had shown a dislike for me, there is no way I’d be part of the family now. He used to sleep in the bed, in the space that I have now taken over, and means the world to DF. Luckily for me, Fatpants is just about the friendliest dog in the world and we had absolutely no jealousy issues at all. In the entire almost 4 years that I have known him, I have seen him bark/growl at maybe 3 people (one of which was climbing into our backgarden in the middle of the night, but that’s a whole other story) and possibly 4-5 dogs. He has the protector spirit of the Rottweiler, however he seems to have a very relaxed attitude to what actually constitutes a threat. He just gives you that feeling, were you ever in real danger by any person or animal, he’d be your first line of defense.

Speaking of Rottweiler, Fatpants is a mix of Rottie and Golden Retreiver. Imagine a dog with the colours and physical shape of a Rottweiler, but the long fur of a Golden Retreiver and you should get very close to what he looks like. Unfortunately Rottweilers as a breed have a habit to over-eat, and that trait has been passed on to Fatpants (name makes sense now, doesn’t it?)



This is Zelda as a puppy, just a few days after we got her

This time this is the actual name of our dog. DF and me were playing “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” just before we met her as a pup the first time, and decided that the name would fit into our family quite nicely. Zelda is 2 months younger than Liana, so they have never known life without each other. She is also the first puppy I have ever owned, so there is a special kind of bond with her. She is a Husky Cross, we however don’t know what she is crossed with. She looks a lot like her mother, just where she is brown, her mother is white.

With the Husky genes, she has plenty of energy, and loves long walks/runs. When she doesn’t get enough exercise, she starts to chew (another Husky trait). She seems to have a love for my shoes, especially left one of my work shoes. I bought 3 pairs of the same kind of shoe, and am now left with 3 right shoes. Our black leather couch also suffered, but so far it was purely cosmetic damage, so we are still holding off on buying a new one, until Zelda calms down a bit.

Her favorite playmates that we meet every now and then out on walks are two collies and 1 greyhound. She always seems a little bit surprised when we meet the greyhound, because he is so far the only dog that has been consistently faster than her.

This post was inspired by my comment on this post, over on hot pink sprinkles. This is part of Day 12 – From Comment to Blog Post of the Zero To Hero Blog challenge.

I am going to leave you now with a few more photos of our four-legged family members.


I guess we should have known, she was eating shoes from the start


The two of them cuddling – doesn’t quite happen as often anymore as it used to


Out for a stroll



Sticks are their favorite toy


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