Blogs that Inspire me

As part of Zero to Hero day 23, we were supposed to write a roundup, and I wrote it and thought I scheduled it, but for some reason it did not publish. I’ll have to have another look into the art of scheduling posts 😉

But since I don’t want you all to miss out on the post I have written, I am now publishing it manually 🙂


Today I am writing all about posts/bloggers that have inspired my crafty side, since I started this blog. It is amazing the different projects and people you can find out there in the blogosphere.

A blog I love to follow is the Mad Knitter.  It is hard for me to pick just one post that is inspiring me, because in general, every time I read the blog I feel like picking up my needles.  I feel like Liz knits things that I would enjoy knitting and I am amazed at how many projects she seems to be able to finish. One post in particular that I have gone back to a few times is this one, an overview over what she had on her “sticks” at that moment. It would be a great goal to achieve her level of knitting and to be able to maybe make some money with knitting. At the moment I am a far way off, but I suppose you won’t get anywhere in life unless you “shoot for the stars…” 😉 .

Another blog I have in my WordPress reader and that I keep stopping on is Marissa Made it. Another fabulous crafter, she has the most gorgeous photos of her projects. They really make me realize how much more I have to improve on, but at the same time as well how much I envy knitters who have easy access to amazing yarns, since the only shops that we have locally stock predominantly Acrylic, with a few mixed fibers thrown in. I am very much looking forward to seeing what she is going to make with the Star Wars fabric in this post, because I am not sure if I can keep myself from buying whatever it is going to be.

Already from the title, the Snail of Happiness had me chuckling. This blog is very much in a different direction as the other two (no less talented though), and while she writes quite a bit about her crafting (mainly her masterpiece – and it is quite impressive!) she also has posts about sustainability, which is something that I would love to be able to bring more into my life. The snail also live geographically quite close to me, so while I was posting pictures of our storm, so was she.


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