About Myself

Mo Chroí Fiáin is Irish (also called as Gaeilge) and means my wild heart. I am not Irish myself, but have had an interest (some would call it obsession) with Ireland for pretty much the past 20 years. It all started with the music, then books and by the time I moved here almost 6 years ago, I was properly hooked.

By now I am settled down in the lovely West of the Country and my two daughters are half Irish. It all feels like this is exactly what I’ve always been meant to do, and I feel myself very blessed to know that feeling.

This blog is all about my different passions. They are rather diverse (that’s what I wanted to express with the ‘wild’ part of the title). So far I think you can sum me up as:

– Mother to our wonderful Liana, the cutest girl ever born (aren’t they all?) who is just growing up too fast
Wife to Stephen., the Irish man I always wanted to catch ;-).
– Food-and-Cuddle-Supplier to our two lovely dogs, Fatpants (he’s 7 and completely deserves the name) and our mad runner, she’s a Husky and surely has the energy to prove it.
– Amateur Crafter, usually found knitting, crocheting or sewing. I taught myself how to knit a few years ago and for a while there wasn’t a moment in my waking life that I wasn’t knitting (well obviously apart from work…).
– Chef for the household. I like to cook and love trying new recipes. Stephen is a proper carnivore which makes meal planning a real challenge. In the future I will definitely share some ideas for all you partners of carnivores out there.
Runner. Well really a very beginner amateur runner, about to complete my first few races.

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