I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo

For anybody who does not know the NaNoWriMo, the goal is to write a novel of at least 50,000 words within the month of November. Preparation work can be done before, but all the actual writing is only allowed to be done during the 30 days. In reality that means around 1,700 word every day of November.

NaNoWriMo was on my list of challenges last year and unfortunately it got left by the wayside when the blog fell into oblivion. However, the idea of writing a novel has always been on my mind, so I have decided to sign up for it this year. There is not a specific story on my mind so far, but I am quite sure that it will come, once I sit down to write. I have a general idea, but since I am not sure if the story will actually develop that way, I will keep that idea a secret for now.

During October, I received a prep email that prompted some serious reflection on my part. It contained a “Monthlong Novelist Agreement and Statement of Understanding”. This was a document to sign, in which the novelist agrees to stop all self-critique during the month of November and to basically just write and write and write some more. This struck a chord with me, because I think I am notorious for criticising myself and to never be satisfied with the result.

My plan for this month is to carve out time with my keyboard every day, write whatever pops into my head, and then, after the word count is noted down, to close the file and not read it again, until the end of the month. In a way this is quite different from the blogging process, since for this blog, I need to review every post multiple times before posting, to make sure that it is really what I want to publish out into the world. Since my mind is quite random, I am convinced, I will not write the novel chronologically, but rather start at different points in the story and then piece them all together in the editing process.

For every blogpost during November, there will be a little word count added as well to keep track of where I am. November is a notoriously busy month for us (Liana’s birthday and Robyn’s christening this year) so I made a great start, but am really lagging behind right now.

You can also follow me on Twitter under @mochroifiain, I will post the latest word count every day. Right now, I am on 10,428/50,000 words! I’ll have to work hard to catch up, once my mother has gone home again, since I am about 15,000 words short of current target. Basically from now on, target has to be 2,500 words a day.